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Cambodia Conservation Project Information

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Here you will find detailed information about the different areas in which you can get involved on this Conservation & Environment project.

Diving Related Projects

The diving related conservation work focuses on both marine surveys and salvage diving. The survey projects include video and photographic behavioural and ID studies of seahorses, coral & fish biodiversity surveys, and habitat and mapping surveys.

Volunteers will be taught to understand the terminology, procedures and methodology of reef and coral surveys. You will conduct studies on several active research projects alongside our scientifically trained staff.

Volunteers will be involved in detailed seahorse observation studies, research into seahorse ‘holdfasts’ and marking the seahorse locations with GPS. The behavioural studies are aiming to find answers to questions like do the seahorses have territories? Are they mating opportunistically or taking a partner? Is there a reason that the pencil urchin is their preferred holdfast? What are they eating?

New projects are constantly being developed and new ideas are always welcome. This is ideal for any volunteers who are studying marine biology or those who may have a specific plan of research that they wish to pursue.

The salvage dives involve collecting debris and rubbish from the reef. This may involve cutting free a snagged fishing net or simply bringing discarded items to the surface, from old clothing to a wellington boot!

Community Projects

We work in close cooperation with the local village on the island and volunteers can get involved in important community work. This includes environmental awareness activities with local children such as beach clean-ups and education classes. There is also the opportunity to help teach English classes at the village school. We may sometimes be asked by the villagers to help with practical tasks like clearing the school grounds, building a path or helping with the vegetable plots.

Beach clean-ups

Beach clean-ups are regularly carried out, often with the help of the local community. Much of the rubbish is dropped from passing fishing boats.

Monthly Updates Management Plan, Data & Reports Interviews

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