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Volunteer Coordinator - Shanghai

Vacancy for: Volunteer Coordinator

Based: Shanghai, China

How to apply: Use ‘Apply’ button on this page. Please do not send applications by email.

Our fundamental mission is to provide support to critical areas and promote a cultural exchange that will benefit both our volunteers and the communities in which they work. We’re looking for a flexible, dynamic, and motivated person to coordinate operations and logistics associated with the volunteers’ daily routines in Shanhai. The Volunteer Coordinator is in charge of supervising the assigned project area thereby ensuring that volunteers are matched appropriately with placement, activities for volunteers are clearly worked out, volunteers understand their roles and
responsibilities, and work with placements to finetune structure of work being done by volunteers and ensure project quality.

The role:

  • Meet volunteers on arrival and conduct thorough induction/orientation in Shanghai and Chengdu, their accommodation and their placement (if necessary) and ensure that they receive all necessary training and support during their placement.
  • Ensure all volunteers have a set structure for their placements and that both the placement and volunteer is happy with arrangements.
  • Ensure that volunteer issues and concerns are dealt with efficiently.
  • Develop and implement new projects and placements for volunteers and strengthen existing ones.
  • Develop strategies to ensure that placement activities are worthwhile for volunteers.
  • Organise and provide volunteers with their food allowance when necessary.
  • Organise and provide volunteers with materials according to the placement.
  • Take volunteers to a hospital when sick.
  • Assist in recruiting new host families.
  • Complete feedback sessions with the volunteers.
  • Coordinate partnership events when needed.
  • Frequent monitoring and evaluation of projects to ensure program quality and satisfaction (volunteer and placement).
  • Manage monthly budget for project related activities
  • Occasional office work.
  • Be available 24 hs, including weekends and holidays.


  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written (a must).
  • Responsible and caring.
  • Experienced in working with culturally diverse population (More than 1 year work experience preferred).
  • Proactive in communication and problem solving.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work under pressure and to work flexible hours.
  • Good team player and able to find solutions quickly and effciently.
  • Good time management skills.


You will be under a 2 year contract. An offer of employment depends on a personal interview and satisfactory references.

To apply: click on the apply button and upload a CV and a cover letter. Do not send applications by email.

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